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The Birth of the Visionaries

The Seeds

A seed
lays dormant
in the deep
Earthen keep.

Not yet knowing
of its essence…

A Gardener of Spirit
in a foreign land
embarks upon a mission
guided by the light
within him
and a Father Mother
of great vision

To gather all the little seeds
who did not yet know
they were of vision

Like a beacon in the night
it reached out
around the globe
in streams of
living light
only seeds
from trees
with flowers
of consciousness


The Trees

A Solitary Tree
on the hill of life
I stood watching…

A place to stand
on ancient land
near creation

Earnestly paving a way
despite what some say
I must follow my own bliss
or we
may all go amiss.

Vein of stars
in blood courses
taming elemental

Chemistry’s arc
lights a spark
a far horizon.

Over yonder
the abyss
I pondered
why I felt so akin
to an ancient
flowering tree…


Decay and Healing

A solitary tree
on the hill of life
I stood
as nature’s assistant…

Deep purple
reverent hymn
was building in
heavily saddened sky
where poets and ravens fly.

stones of ages
hindered healing
of human races
The drought persisted
as they resisted.

A long shadow thin
final sunset dimmed
the dark night closing in
he trembled as he read.

And then
the light within
the words
of bliss
drought’s weary brow
turmoil’s sorry growl
crumbling to a softer grin

And the thunder
of a lonely death’s din
released its grip
and he let go!

A chorus of
resonant joy
an outpouring
of flooding rain.

And sighing seeds
of healing flowers
thought to be extinct
could finally drink…



A solitary tree
on the hill of life
I stood

When Faith
the sweetness of a bird
landed on my heart’s bower
It sensed the light
before the dawn
and began to sing!

I looked up!
to hear
the calling
in the living light
I felt
the coming
new rain on earth
I smelt.

Rising up
and striving
out of the Earth
through the cages
and stones of ages.

To emerge
dawn awakens.

And healing flowers
like the children
lean out for the sun’s
radiant love

One seed
now takes root
well planted in truth
becomes many…



And on that
first eve
the shimmering light
of moon’s oracular splendor

For years I tried to hide from you
too shy to show my face

Your sun so bright
it was blinding

here I stand
with open hand

No longer in
fright’s flight
fists clenched and fighting

And there you stand
on the precipice of mind
looking into my Soul

The veil of night
has been lifted

Nurture is gifted…


The Flowering

Before them
a collective river
a mirror…

A divine feminine presence
re-birthing self
and others
beside her
A divine masculine presence
protective nature’s assistant
sustaining sacred space
for birth of
divine grace.

The free flow
energy of love’s
tender heroic kiss
melts us all
into bliss.

A portal of peace
to a mysterious place
gently opens
the great cosmic union
of grace
gives birth
a new world
a divine child
takes first lessons in flight.

In a valley of the moon
where Gondwana blooms
the rivers of life
are flowing…



Written by chandrika,
in poetic collaboration with
Delvin Solkinson, Senior Managing Editor
CoSM Journal, on behalf of Alex Grey, Allyson Grey  – CoSM NY
May 2014





The Magical Cape

I have a very beautiful cape
that ties softly at my nape
Under its cozy hood
I shelter from
the not so good.

It shimmers like satin and feels like silk
Inner side soft like feathers of quilt
floating down from beings of flight
protecting us at night.

This Magical cape
make no mistake !
Well My Body
Still My Mind
Peace My Sweetheart warm.

And safe
from icy winds
that warn
of not so conscious ones.
Who pleasure in wrong
never undone.

When I fly in my dreams
this cape is my wings
wish fulfilling things
and happen…ings…

With loving embrace
upon it I have placed
carefully selected
woven and laced
rare and precious friends
who are my gems

In the soft Star Moonlight
when I take flight
They sparkle and glow
As my cape flows…

Oh wondrous night

we all take flight…!

Written by chandrika Steinhardt