“Be bold and fear no art…if your images are arousing such strong emotions, you are doing something right – carry on!”

21 January 2018 – Mark Henson – Visionary Artist – USA

Chandrika’s painting ‘SHe – A Flower Being’ exhibited alongside Mark Henson and Liba Waring Stambollion in Columbia ‘Seeds of The Anaconda’ – Water Wisdom Convergence.

“Lovely space you have there Chandrika. Much light is shining from your art.”

20 January 2018 – Martina Hoffmann – Visionary Artist – USA and Brittany, France.

“You are my devotion.
You are the hope for an artistic future.
You are a divine Spirit who will light the way for many.”

7 August 1996 – Dr Hart Tavel Goodman, b. 1923 – d. 1999.

A gift card from ‘The Master’ Dr Hart Tavel Goodman (USA), affectionately know as ‘Hartybear’; in recognition of Chandrika’s dedicated achievement.

“Chandrika’s numinous works share a unique visionary magic, reflecting light from the world beyond. Nuanced with a new mythology, her work speaks volumes with its color, texture and rich symbolic content.”

 Delvin Solkinson, CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture

‘SHe…A Flower Being’ by Chandrika Steinhardt
Chandrika’s painting ‘SHe…A Flower Being’ published in CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture No. 10 – Themed ‘Love’.

“It’s an honor to feature your visionary work ‘Peace – The Feminine in the new CoSMic Gallery (of CoSM Journal – ‘Divinity’). Your contributions are stars in our sky, inspiring art transmissions of a conscious and skillful creative imagination.”

2017 – Delvin Solkinson, Alex and Allyson Grey and The CoSM Media Team.

“We greatly respect you for your dedication to our world, creating positive change by supporting so many others to live in love and creativity.

2018 – Delvin Solkinson, Alex and Allyson Grey and The CoSM Media Team.

‘Peace – The Feminine’ is a Self Portrait painted by Chandrika. It was created during her seven year intensive study period with a retired US Professor of Fine Art Education and Comparative Religions. It depicts a journey of self realization that she embarked upon at age 29. The work metaphorically documents her real life meditative creative process of finding freedom from our conditioning…a catharsis… to finding her own style and self guidance, emerging victorious, as a self guided artist in ‘the act of becoming’. This piece is one of three paintings size 1.21 x .91m, each taking 6months to render, describing ‘The Triptych’ below.

“Your (conscious art) work is really good and not just She (SHe…A Flower Being). You have a lot of depth in your themes and your line is really strong, I just looked again at the drawing you did of the mother and child. You have your own style and that’s what makes it good!! Remember the universe doesn’t have time for a flower which refuses to bloom. 😉 Assume your beauty and talent dear Chandrika. You have it!!”

26 November 2017 – Liba Waring Stambollion – ‘Dreams and Divinities’ – Visionary Artist Paris, France.

‘Motherchild’ by Chandrika

“Your art has something unique, an energy about it Chandrika…Yay! I encourage you to get it out there so other women can benefit and be inspired to express their feelings”

2018 – Kim Evans – Australian Visionary Artist, Melbourne.

“Geez Chandrika, you sure know how to wield a brush!”

2010 – Albert Woodroffe – Artist, Horizon Gallery, Silverton Australia.

“Manifold blessings on you & all who contact and influence. It is a benediction that you are enthusiastic about fanning the flames! The sweeter sugar is to enjoy. Love always.”

18/1/1992 – Dr Irene Amos (1927-2012) – Artist, Innisfail Art Fusion, Australia.

“The paintings seem to have the answers for everything, as like nature = the universe = everything. The way it moulds all our thoughts and feelings into space that is complete. No questions, no answers, everything and nothing. Love you my friend!”

2009 – Jeremiah Johnson – Musician – Australia

“One word: ‘WOW’. Art, music, is life. Live the life. Many best wishes.”

2009 – Ziko Hart – Musician – Australia

“I have been telling you for a long time you are an amazing artist… because what it leaves behind is special to the people you connect with. You are one of the most talented artists I know, if not the most. Keep creating my sister in spirit. It was a pleasure to frame your art creations and you deserve the respect. Love Russell and Tara.”

2009 – Russell – Australia (see portrait of Tara Dog)

“Beautiful, amazing art. Enjoyed the night, the start of your adventure, watch as the doors open before you. Love and light.”

2009 – Kimie – Australia

“Thanks Chandrika for this amazing experience tonight. Your work gave me goose bumps as soon as I entered the room. Absolutely wonderful.”

2009 – Tammy – Australia

“You’re very inspirational to a young person like me. Thanks so much for letting me see your amazing works.”

2009 – Rikki – Australia

“Thank you for a wonderful journey through your artwork. The atmosphere was amazing. Love the detail I could see on your originals & the depth of your paintings. Vivid colours. Spirituality & feminism. Interesting body parts! What an experience! Love and best wishes.”

“Just a note to say a big thank you for the picture. As you know I love your art work. I am looking forward to having it framed and will put it in one of my surgery rooms.

2009+2010 – Dr Julia – Australia

“This painting ‘Conception’ is mind-blowing Chandrika. Shane and I are just talking about how incredible it will be to gaze into this marvelous piece of art you created living in our home.”

November 2018 – Ana Keeling Solomon – Fine Art Collector

“Bless you Chandrika for transcending my visual experience. So gracious of you to open your heart and bare your Soul. Our family is thrilled to bits knowing you will soon have your place in the heart of our home – welcomed and cherished – powerful force of natural beauty. Thank you, I am deeply honoured.”

November 2018 – Shane Keeling – Fine Art collector @ Evolving WoMan Exhibiton Melbourne.

“Your paintings are wild and beautiful and telling of many a visionary journey to the deep mythic interior. I browsed your gallery while listening to some of your techno-druidic tunes, which marry the visuals quite well. I found the music and, your vocals Chandrika, reminiscent of the realms of Dead Can Dance. Intuitive, and invocative.”

25 August 2018 – The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo (voidandimagination)

Remarkably, The winner of Atherton Art Society’s open award, Carolea, has never been shown before. Her startling entry, Evolving Woman, could be described as neo-psychedelic, though the way she has filled space with swirling shapes, human and abstract, reminds me of Blake. It is a challenging piece and set the tone for an exhibition which this year showed an increased amount of innovative and exciting work.

1994 – Brian Sager – Atherton Arts Journalist for the Atherton Daily Newspaper.

“Good that you’re painting and exploring the mische technique, the piece you worked on (SHe…A Flower Being) in Byron was really fantastic.

4 May 2018 – Kuba Ambrose – Visionary Artist – Australia and Vienna.

“Don’t bow so much Chandrika!…Your art is incredible!”

28 November 2017 – Don Farrell – Visionary Artist USA and UK

‘Evolving Woman’ by Chandrika Steinhardt

“Beautiful art work Chandrika!” …”Legendary!”

28 November 2015- Paulie Mann – Visionary Artist – Australia

“Thank you for your honesty Chandrika!… I recommend you contact Martina Hoffmann, and get your work out there!”

2010 – Adam Scott Miller – Visionary Artist – USA. Said after viewing original artwork at Tanks Art Centre, Cairns Mind Body Soul Festival.

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