“The only truth I see and trust, is that which comes directly from within me”

Hello… At this moment, I write from hermitage in studio space, protective of a mission to complete a healing painting…or two! I write to you now, from this brief moment to share with you where i am at, because of a dream i had.

Lately I have been struggling with a choice, an offering, a choice to step up, to move forward onto the usual pathways that most folk traverse into these modern business formats that proliferate the internet these days.

I hesitate, and ponder… and decide that with no
real-naturally-inspired-free-willed- impulse, I choose not to go there… for now.

Some words a wisdom teacher once shared with me was…

“When you don’t know what to do, do nothing” HTG – 1992

All the while this storm is brewing inside me, a kind of wrestling of emotion, a processing. Which eventually pops out, in this form…to write about my dream because in the social media world of marketing illusions, ego based structures and dynamics…

“The only truth I see and trust is that which comes directly from within me”. Chandrika 2019

Long story short…I had a dream yester-eve. I awoke from this dream feeling a natural urge to see something beyond my own small self, to see that there may be a higher calling in all this hoo-ha that has me so tired and unwilling to be a part of for now, as i need all my strength to transition into two other directions…one physically and one inwardly.

I have free will, and a mind and heart of my own. And I choose to have faith in the dream life as having the gift of a message that can direct one small action in the outer world, which may inspire another.

I dreamed I was a support person for an Indigenous Male Elder from a foreign Land. He was unfamiliar with the ways of our culture and systems. He had the responsibility to carry his people’s wishes forward, they were wrapped in a sacred cloth. Inside was his people’s visions, as messages for the world.

His mission was to lead the case to present before the Western Mentality world to urgently wake up to understand the profound importance of adopting a more honoring way to treat this planet, our home, and each other.

So in this dream, I left this man for a moment to eat, as I was hungry. Then when I returned I found him at another level on the zig-zagging ascending pathway, having traversed alone since I had left him momentarily. As I came closer to assist him, I was highly aware of the texture of his thick brown earthy skin. He felt very focused and resilient to the raw and natural environment. He seemed very old in Spirit, yet only middle aged in this incarnation.

I noticed that he had forgotten to eat, and had no awareness to take care of this bodily need due to his being so impassioned by his mission to bring his message to the council he was approaching. He began to stumble, as if malnourished, and wavering in energy. I was able to hold him from falling down, and support him with the intention to reach his finish line goal…his mission. End of Dream.

Upon waking from the dream, it made me question,
‘Is it my responsibility to feed this man, or is that a guilt response triggered by propaganda generated through social media to make me feel guilty to buy into yet another corporate structure designed to perpetuate another western driven worldly power machine by taking advantage of un-aware, lost souls who need to belong to something and who need to be led ?’

I settle on the body awareness truth that with the gift of strength I had from having adequately eaten, I could assist in some small way with the greater mission he bore. The Indigenous Elder in my dream… his mission became more important than my own long and tiring mission as a feminine artist.

It is not my responsibility or business where or who this will reach, it is just my job to share… from this naturally inspired impulse from the sub conscious mind through a dream. I do not know who he is, the dream was not that specific, but I know it has something to do with this image I share here by an Artist whom I admire greatly, Luis Tamani Amasifuen, who stands alongside all those incredibly devoted Artists who have been willing to support this project.

If you resonate with these words there is an opportunity to learn from the Artists and many others who are on a mission that resonates with Elder Mission in the dream.

You can experience their divine works and visions as you explore this beauty-filled-earthen-heart-based-project called CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture, of which I am proud to have been a passionate supporter of for over 9 years now.

Why? Because of the core mission…and the respectful, creative way we are invited to participate in a lofty, worthy mission of Art created by Alex and Allyson Grey and the ‘wondrous CoSM media team’! www.cosm.org/blog/cosmicgallery/

All across the planet, the Love Tribe joins together in celebration of the Creative Force.

Honoring the power of Natural Law, inspiring the Spirit of Love to heal and transform.


Painting by Luis Tamani