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SHe... A Flower Being (2016)
MUSE Studio Gallery

Muse is a family project inspired by Chandrika Steinhardt. It came from the heart of wanting to inspire, nurture, support and protect the Creative Spirit in herself and others.

A Studio Gallery space was established in the upper level of a brand new two-storey industrial warehouse at 4/6 Wollongbar Street, Byron Bay Industrial Estate. This was done with the intention to serve as a community hub where students and teachers of arts and literature related subjects could work together collaboratively. The establishment period was 12 months from December 2021 to January 2023.

Unforeseen events such as Covid and local flooding effected the continuation, due to the downturn and recovery of local businesses in the Byron Bay region. Fortunately, the venue escaped flooding.

Chandrika’s dream is to support others to bring their visions and ideas to form as works of fine art. Her intention was to provide other teachers to share the equipment that was very carefully sourced. If you feel you would like to collaborate with us to further the project to stage two, then please get in touch – we would be happy to hear from you.

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